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Wedding Disaster: No Room for 70 Guests after Skaneateles Motles Shuts Down Suddenly

Joel White and Kelsey Dowd arranged a gorgeous wedding ceremony at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse on Saturday and a reception afterward at Skaneateles. White and Dowd had booked some rooms in some of Skaneateles hotels for their guests, but presently, they are searching a way out to accommodate their 70 guests […]

Connells celebrate their 70th anniversary

Doris and Leland Connell first time met on a double date — except he was with her best buddy and she was with a another person. Leland Connell said that he was so taken with Doris that he asked her out after a few days. And 6 months after their date, in the year 1945 […]

Jenni and Roger to tie the knot this year

Jenni Farley has finally fixed the date to take her wedding vows with Roger Mathews. She took to her Instagram account to make this huge announcement to all her fans. Now it revealed that 8 month old Meilani Alexandra’s parents are all set to walk down the aisle on 18th Oct, this fall. Jenni, now […]

Lauren Scruggs talks about plane accident before wedding to Jason Kennedy

Three years before Lauren Scruggs took her wedding vows to Jason Kennedy, the life of the former model changed forever. In a sneak glance at the upcoming E! special of the couple, The Kennedy Wedding: Jason and Lauren, the editor in chief of the LOLO Magazine calls up the tragic incident which allowed her without […]

Methodist bishop charged for conducting gay wedding

A retired United Methodist bishop is now facing formal complaints after he conducted the wedding for two men from Alabama after they were denied to get married in the church. According to reports, a statement from that church stated that they charges have been files against retired Bishop Melvin G. Talbert, who took care of […]

West Point arranges their first gay wedding ceremony

Two ex cadets of West Point went to the Cadet Chapel of the military academy earlier on Sunday to tie the knot, marking the 1st time a male pair has married at the school. The happy pair – Daniel Lennox (class of 2007) and Larry Choate III (class of 2009) got married in front of […]