Wedding Disaster: No Room for 70 Guests after Skaneateles Motles Shuts Down Suddenly

Joel White and Kelsey Dowd arranged a gorgeous wedding ceremony at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse on Saturday and a reception afterward at Skaneateles.

White and Dowd had booked some rooms in some of Skaneateles hotels for their guests, but presently, they are searching a way out to accommodate their 70 guests as the motel booked for their accommodation is now closed.

Bob Evans, the motel operator informed the guests that the Bird Nest Motel situated on Route 20 had shut down. After that, all the wedding guests started making calls to Dowd and Whites fathers. This news at the eleventh hour had made the bride and grooms families worried and helpless which is clear when Marty Dowd, the brides father who expressed that they are shocked to receive such news on such short notice.

He further said Kelsey and Joel started their wedding planning right after they got engaged in February 2015.

Mr. Dowd also informed that they made arrangements in Skaneateles hotels for their guests. The main occasion starts on Friday at the Cedar House Lanes, with a fun-filled bowling party. The Couple will get married on the very next day at the cathedral. The celebration will continue until the reception at Welch Allyn Lodge where the guests will be arriving by buses assigned for them.

According to Evans, his motel got sold to Rick Moscarito in June. Mr. Moscarito is now willing to construct a new resort on that very place and since the last guest left the hotel, he is eager to claim his property the very next day.