Connells celebrate their 70th anniversary

Doris and Leland Connell first time met on a double date — except he was with her best buddy and she was with a another person. Leland Connell said that he was so taken with Doris that he asked her out after a few days. And 6 months after their date, in the year 1945 at a county court in Iowa at ages 18 and 19, they tied the knot.


He told that he felt quite hard. Observing their 70th anniversary, at the Broomfield Greens Adult Community, on Sunday, he said that they have had a great life. It has been very fulfilling. The couple – Doris and Leland Connell turned 88 and 89 respectively. She joked that their relationship worked well because she is the boss in their relationship.

They had just one photo taken at their wedding, which is a far cry from today’s, where countless brilliant pictures are taken at weddings.

The pair grew up in Iowa farms. After that they raised their three boys, along with a foster son, on their own farm. Then they also worked at the same company.

Now, they volunteer together two times a week at a local food pantry. They had their ups and downs, with the downs coming around their 25th anniversary. But none of them wanted to leave their relationship. They never stopped communicating at any point. If they had a problem, they worked that out.

Their family members and neighbors believe that their relationship is an inspiration to everyone. Suzanne Walsh, who lives in the same complex, said that they are really an good example. They never stop working. It is difficult to know where they get all these energy from. They are just amazing.