Lauren Scruggs talks about plane accident before wedding to Jason Kennedy

Three years before Lauren Scruggs took her wedding vows to Jason Kennedy, the life of the former model changed forever. In a sneak glance at the upcoming E! special of the couple, The Kennedy Wedding: Jason and Lauren, the editor in chief of the LOLO Magazine calls up the tragic incident which allowed her without a left hand and eye.

The model married the E! News co-host on 12th December in Texas. She told that this was just such an incredible time in life. She felt like her career was starting. Everything was rolling really fast and then everything came to a halt.

Lauren Scruggs recalled that on 3rd December, 2011, her mother and she decided to go to their friends house for dinner after church and one of the friends was taking people up for plane rides.

She always stays up for an adventure; therefore she was the first in line. When the plane landed, it was dark and rainy outside and she was getting out of the plane and when you get out you are basically at the propeller, so she was sucked into it when she stepped out.

A year following the accident, Lauren’s mom told E News that she ran outside and she could see Lauren lying facedown on the ground. She was not moving, she was lying in a pool of blood —it was all around her. All she had at that moment was God.